The importance of what it means to embrace health became very real for me when I became a mother and my son at the age of 2 (literally from out of nowhere) became *very sick and was in + out of the hospital for over a year.

Unfortunately, in all that time NO diagnoses “as to the cause” was made so we had NO clear direction or protocol of how to begin to help him!! It was such a stressful time of feeling helpless and in a constant state of reaction.

Today, I am so grateful for my son’s improved health as several years have passed without incidence. It was a blessed spark of intuition (at my lowest point) to seek out a more natural alternative and education that I believe has made all the difference!

Through years of tried experience, I can say now I have never felt so empowered as a mama. The resources, options + tools we have within our reach, aligning and connecting us to mother nature is absolutely incredible.

My approach is one that emphasizes harmony! A simple, consistent, natural and enjoyable life entangled with the beauty and magic of plant power. From whole foods, herbs + essential oils to a lot of love + daily movement!

I believe self-care is our divine responsibility!! xx

If you want to read further, maybe grab a cup of tea, the longer story goes like this:

We all have various memories or snapshots in our lives.  Some more vivid and intense than others but all take us to where we are today.  This has certainly been true for me, and I have a couple of snapshots that I’d like to share with you that have led me on my path to prioritizing optimal health.

My story will differ from yours, but we all have our own story to tell and it’s the common physical and emotional struggles which bind us together…

Growing up as a petite and skinny child (in an Italian home nonetheless) was often stressful and difficult.  I didn’t have an appetite to speak of and my sweet-tooth only made matters worse.  Yes, I know this may sound like no big deal right? How is being thin an issue?  Believe me, weight struggles at either end of the spectrum brings its own set of challenges.  Consensus was that I didn’t have enough meat on my bones and I should gain more weight.  My mom, bless her heart, with only love behind intention tried everything to help me gain weight.  Through nutritional supplements added to large glasses of milk every day, generous helpings of bread and pasta, and rich high-calorie foods, none of it seemed to help and in fact left me feeling even more bloated, frustrated and discouraged.  Year after year this pattern became the ‘norm’ so to speak.  It was certainly this ‘childhood introduction’ to nutrition that left me drained with NOT a lot of love for ‘foodstuff’ in general.

Yes this was my first snapshot into the world of health, nutrition and well-being…

Later in my twenties, it dawned on me that I could, and more importantly should begin to take ownership for the state of my health.  So I took it upon myself to experiment with food and try and figure out WHY I always felt bloated, had NO appetite, and usually had a tired and heavy feeling.  However, back in the early 90’s with no social media as there is today or easy avenues to pursue possible food allergies, I didn’t have a lot to go on.  Most of what I tried was researching (hopefully) reliable books and of course trial-and-error.

I tried cutting out wheat and noticed it had made some difference.  Later I tried going off dairy, and that was truly my “a-ha moment”!  I couldn’t believe how I began to feel within a couple of weeks, and for the first time ever I was actually hungry!…and on a regular basis! It’s like my body had been fighting dairy my whole life and I didn’t even know it; not until that moment.  I even remember thinking OMG now I know why people talk about food and love food so much.  I truly got it!  What a concept…that simply cutting milk out of my diet could have had so much of an impact?!  Of course, I didn’t all of a sudden gain a ton of weight, but I did gain 12 pounds within a year and basically remained at that set point ever since.  Yup, I am still petite and thin but now I am happy to say that it’s in a healthy, feel-good, vibrant way!

Ward Family 2015

The third and most profound snapshot that influenced my decision to study nutrition was the life-threatening sudden attacks my 2 year old son endured for over a year.  We were told the name of the condition was acute recurrent idiopathic pancreatitis, but every test we put him through showed no definitive cause, cure, or clear way to manage symptoms.  It wasn’t until we reached out to a Naturopathic doctor that my son’s attacks stopped and his symptoms were greatly reduced. The invaluable knowledge and direction the Naturopath empowered us with made all the difference.

From this point on, I knew I wanted and needed to learn as much as I could about food and nutrition and the role it plays in our overall health.  Drawing on my own experience (and my sons), food was trying to tell us something and if we just listen and pay attention, we can find a better quality of life.

Fast forward to now.  The knowledge I’ve gained allows me to care for my body so I feel awesome most of the time, and with a thirst for continuous learning and growing I founded Senzable Health to help others discover their health potential.   My goal is to provide clarity on which foods support, nourish, and uplift your body and as importantly which foods hinder that.

Upon completion of my C.H.N Certified Holistic Nutrition Certification, I graduated with honors from The Canadian School of Natural Nutrition in Calgary, Alberta.

In the past 2 years I spent time working at the Holistic Institute of Health and Fertility as well as the Light Cellar in Calgary, Alberta.

Let’s get Senzably Healthy together!

…”Stay Curious, Relax, Nourish, Love + Repeat”

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