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Enza recently hosted a Lunch and Learn at our office which I really enjoyed. Enza was very knowledgeable, approachable, and inspiring. The information presented served as a great reminder about some health information that I often let fall by the wayside (importance of water consumption) and also introduced me to some new information, such as the benefits and nutrition surrounding superfoods (i.e., goji berry, chia seeds, hemp seeds). In addition, she prepared a selection of healthy, balanced snacks for us to sample, which were all delicious! ~ Vanessa Lucki, CA

Enza delivered a very informative presentation on Holistic Nutrition and Healthy Lifestyles to Sherritt International.  I thoroughly enjoyed her professionalism and knowledge.  Enza left us thinking about the food choices we make and how it not only affects our bodies but our moods as well.  It was very inspiring!  We will certainly have her back for another presentation. ~ Janice DeLorey, Senior Administrative Assistant; Sherritt International

Our employees really enjoyed the Senzable Health Holistic Nutrition presentation.  The information was great, the food samples delicious, and it was all really easy to understand. Thanks Enza! ~ Keri Walker; Senior Payroll & Benefits Coordinator

Recently, I had the great pleasure of attending a class led by Enza Ward. She was describing the virtues and benefits of essential oils. I have always had an inherent interest in oils and I knew there was more to them than how they smelled, but after meeting with Enza, I am a true believer that nature is here to heal. 
 Enza did an amazing job at explaining the unique botanical essence of each oil, how they are harvested, where their indigenous growing regions are and most importantly, describing the healing properties of each oil. For example, I always loved the diffused smell of lemon but NOW knowing it can be used to clean my home, disinfect my air, improve my complexion and when ingested properly, can help eliminate toxins from my body, I have a bottle in every room!
 doTERRA Oils make me happy! First thing in the morning, I decide what my body needs or what my soul is looking for, and then I set-up my diffuser. The smells literally intoxicate the air and transform my home into a spa like setting. And while they smell amazing, I know they are actually improving my health, my mood and my entire perspective. Sounds a bit far-reaching but I truly swear by my diffuser and my essential oils.
 If you have any health issues, you want to improve a certain area of your life, you want to reduce toxins and chemicals from your body and/or your home, or you simply want your life to smell amazing, ask Enza. Once you start to learn more about the amazing properties of doTERRA’s essential oils, you will want to infuse them into your daily life.
 With Enza’s gentle nature and unassuming way, you never feel pressure to believe or buy anything she is sharing. Her belief in the product is authentic and real, and she simply wants to help by sharing the power of these oils and what they can do for you!  ~Joanne C.

Thanks for the meeting yesterday 🙂  you are good at grounding high strung people like myself 🙂  thanks!
Good, better, best.  I like that Enza. ~ Karen D.

Enza is a true blessing. She is a breath of fresh authentic and genuine air. It’s been through her that I have been opened up to two worlds in a much deeper and more appreciative way – nutrition and Essential Oils. Her take on nutrition is so refreshing and unique, in that she has a vast knowledge and understanding about nutrition, but she approaches it from an intuitive level that truly resonates with me. It’s not about rules and shoulds, but rather about being in touch with our bodies and intuitive sense.

From there she expanded into doTerra Essential Oils because they complimented what she was already doing. It was Enza’s excitement and enthusiasm about the oils that first sparked my interest. I didn’t know much about them, so in totally honesty, I didn’t invest much thought into them at first. However, after attending one of her classes, she eloquently and openly shared her wisdom and love that allowed me to see the incredible benefits beyond just the surface level ideas I had about them. Her passion shines through and lights up everything and everyone around her, and she’s certainly helped to spark a deeper understanding of myself and the natural ways we can support and nurture our bodies. ~ Trisha Savoia  www.AbsoluteAwareness.ca

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